Questions Most Often Asked by Pastors


Greg & Robyn Hubbard

What Is the Main Emphasis of Your Ministry?

Through the combination of anointed music and in-depth Bible preaching, it is our desire to see the lost saved and believers baptized in the Holy Spirit. Our prayer for the local church is that it would be ignited with a fresh vision to reach its’ community for Christ. We believe there must not only be proclamation of God’s Word, but also confirmation by His power. As a Pentecostal preacher, I believe we have every reason to witness sick bodies healed, broken hearts mended, bondages broken, and for altars to be filled with people crying out to God for revival. We desire to be led by the Holy Spirit. We like to place a heavy emphasis on people spending time around the altar. We believe this will result in the pastor and the church experiencing “times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord”.

What About Finances?

Robyn and I come on a love offering basis, trusting God to meet all of our needs. While we do not ask for or set any financial requirements, many request information as to what our needs are for a series of meetings (Sunday through Wednesday). Naturally I can understand this as it helps them know how to pray and prepare long before the meetings begin.  Each week, we believe God to meet our weekly budget. Expenses are very high when living full-time on the road. Our expenses cover such things as van payments, gasoline, lodging between meetings, food, housing, retirement, ministry staff and the list goes on. If at all possible, we would appreciate it if you could issue a separate check for travel expenses. This helps us with our taxes. There are a couple of things we would ask you to kindly consider. Because we come on a love offering basis, we appreciate an offering being taken in each service. Secondly, receiving the check for the love offerings following the last service is a huge help to us. Checks sent in the mail are often received weeks later due to our travel schedule. Churches who are able to go beyond our budget, assist us greatly in our desire to minister in home mission churches. The Lord has been so faithful in meeting our needs. We deeply appreciate your sensitivity in this area.

For travel expenses we kindly ask churches to issue a separate check to cover either the roundtrip mileage, or the roundtrip airfare.

Concerning our retirement, we are asking each church to kindly consider making a $200.00 contribution to our retirement account. This may be done by writing a separate check made payable to Greg Hubbard (in memo section mark: retirement).  Should you feel the church is unable to do this, we ask that you deduct $200.00 from the love offering. Thanks!!!

What Arrangements Need to Be Made For Lodging?

With our being on the road some 40 weeks of the year, a motel room definitely works best. One major reason is the consistency it gives us versus being in various homes each week. Other reasons range from Robyn’s severe cat allergy to privacy and study time. We are aware of the financial responsibilities involved in your providing a motel room. By no means do we take this for granted! We appreciate your investment in our lives and ministry.

What Is Usually Done Concerning Meals?

Many churches ask that we eat on our own and submit receipts. Some pastors have met us daily for lunch while others have given us meal money. Any of these options work just fine. Like most ministers, Robyn and I find it difficult ministering after a meal. Whenever possible, we prefer to eat our main meal at lunch time.

Is There Any Setting up of Special Equipment?

We travel with a sound system. We normally set-up on Saturday evening. The set-up time, including a sound check, takes approximately 45 minutes. Also, we do have a CD ministry which consists of various preaching CDs along with Robyn’s music. We also make available free devotional material.  All we would need, if available, is a standard size table.